Programs & Tools


 Art Programs that Nurture
Professionals, Groups, & Children 

Art helps us move through challenges and craft healing solutions for ourselves, our groups, and our communities.

Through art, I bring out the creative village in groups. ArtVillage’s signature art-based programs and retreats awaken a deepened self-awareness, a spirit of gentle collaboration, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Through ArtVillage Programs, Retreats, & Consulting,

* Team leaders, community leaders, and program directors find fresh ways to invigorate their groups and the people they serve.

* Professionals and other curious individuals awaken their creative potential.  

* Parents discover optimal ways to nourish their children’s growth and foster their children’s inner spirit.

With an emphasis on the power of gentle, you and /or your team will discover a fascinating new way of connecting to what matters most to you and to the people around you.

ArtVillage serves a variety of individuals and groups – including therapists, hospices, children’s hospitals, parents, under-served communities, small organizations, and individuals who are ready to connect.

I invite you to participate in the ArtVillage we’re each making, one intention and one creative gesture at a time.


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