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  • Custom-designed /art-based workshops, Folk arts programs, tools & art
  • ResolutionConflict Resolution Workshop Kit      
  • Children, Trauma, & Response CD                               
  • Spanking Brochure                                                              
  • Golden Threads – Workshop Kit                                  
  • Baby Birds – Workshop Kit                                           
    (2-D puppets included)
    (custom made 3-D puppets price TBA)
  • Quacking Ducks, Not Sitting Ducks                           
    Workshop Kit  (2-D puppets included)
    (custom made 3-D puppets price TBA)
  • Drawn Self Portrait – Workshop Kit                        
  • Self Portrait – Workshop Kit                                      
  • My Self Book                                                                        
  • Transformational Masks – Workshop kit            


  • Faces in the Crowd (Intro CD)                                                    
  • Faces in the Crowd Workshops                               
    presented by Valerie Walawender
    for 6 to 20 participants
    * Contact Valerie for estimate
    Price varies between $200 to $500 per workshop
    plus travel expenses & workshop materials
  • Faces in the Crowd Kit                                                            
    (custom-built, complete kit)
  • Faces in the Crowd - 3 day training                                  
    Train the Trainer Workshop Series
    for 6 to 20 participants
    plus travel and
    material expenses)

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