New Programs

 These art-based programs explore topics such as self exploration, trauma, loss, identity, human connection, and other topics on a deep, thought-provoking level.

1. Children, Trauma & Response  This interactive workshop and Power Point presentation series focuses on the epigenetic development of children and their physiological, psychological, and neurological responses to stress, loss, and trauma. Also included in this presentation are interactive, hands-on activities that can be used as agents of healing for children dealing with loss and trauma.

 2. Image, Identity, & the Self   In this workshop, the concepts of “image,” “identity,” and “the self” are explored from theoretical and experiential points of view. An introduction to the neurological and psychological understanding of these concepts is presented through  interactive art-based activities and discussion.

3. Golden Threads   In this workshop, participants experience the connections of self to other and their community through simple and gentle activities involving thread, mirrors, and each other.

 4. Neural Networks    In this innovative workshop, participants are introduced to the brain and nervous system of the body through hands-on experiences. Participants will be able to explore the structure of their own brain and neural networks, as well as gaining insights into their own thinking and feeling patterns, and capacity for change.

 5. Masks, Mirrors & Me   Masks, Mirrors, & Me is a gentle, non-threatening one-on-one opportunity for individuals to explore their own development and identity and future possibilities through the use of specially created masks derived from their own photo collection.

6. Drawing on Your Experience  This gentle, one-on-one activity for an individual to have your thoughts, dreams, and ideas and other mental wanderings “illustrated” as you speak. Facilitated by artist Valerie Walawender, this is a unique opportunity to have your thoughts mirrored back to you in visual form – and to gain insights into your mental and emotional processes and possibilities through the experience.

7.  Mysteries & Connections  In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the mysteries of the universe and gifts they have been given. Using an inspirational sculpture as a starting point, participants will then make their own gift boxes, reflecting the gifts they have received and gifts they possess that they wish to share and pass on to others. This workshop is appropriate for all ages, and is particularly useful for individuals who are dealing with loss.

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