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photo of Gandi's grandson and me

Artist’s Statement

Exploring “Issues of Access” is the focus of my art.

I am intrigued by the idea that people almost always seem to be, on one level or another, engaged in what I call “issues of access.” Trying to gain or avoid access to themselves, others, nature, God, money, power, peace, the universe, fame, understanding, etc., people stumble across moral, legal, historical, psychological, ethical, and other kinds of  “issues.”

To create art about “issues of access,” I use traditional materials such as paint, markers, crayons, sculpture, photography and puppetry. I also “play” with  non-traditional mediums such as actual communities, programs, mirrors, conversation and journaling.

Everything I do is an aspect of my art. This artistic freedom gives me  depth and breadth of experience that acts a solid foundation for my service as a Creativity Consultant.

Exploring the theme, “issues of access” is fun. It’s a wild ride creating art that delves into access to myself, others, nature, God, and the mysteries of the universe.  My artistic meanderings have led me to explore the “self,” interpersonal relationships, the brain, family dynamics, community processes, history, psychology, religions, culture, animals, world masking practices, diversity, violence prevention, peace, folklore, and zillions of other exciting and compelling areas.

Creating connections is central to my art.  Though I love spending time alone, in meditative/creating bliss, it’s the moments when I look into someone’s eyes, and our hands touch,  tender murmurings exchanged, and a creative spark realized, that I feel closest to my art and life’s work.

Valerie Walawender

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