Special Programs

 A. PUPPETRY  for intergenerational, individual, & community healing  

1.  Locomotion The amazing true life story of Horatio Brooks, and how he brought his locomotives around the world. Fantasy, puppetry, mime, movement, and music come together in a magical mix.  (Developed by Jim Henson award winning puppeteer Michele Costa and artist Valerie Walawender)

 2. Intergenerational Puppetry Program  (for all ages)   
The Rose Garden (video)             

 3. Story-telling through puppetry & masks (for all ages)

B. MASKS    for intergenerational, individual, & community healing

1. Masking Traditions of the World  (for ages teen to adult)   In this workshop series, participants discover dimensions of masking traditions by creating replicas of traditional masks from several cultures and enact rituals, practices and/or performances with their masks. 

2. Dimensions of Identity   for ages teen to adult  In this workshop, psychological masking and masking theory are explored through art-based  interactive exercises both utilizing and creating masks.

3. Transformational Masks (for ages teen to adult) In this workshop, participants create personalized “transformational masks” which depict several layers of “self,” both real and imagined.                                                                             






4. Self Portrait Masks   (for ages teen to adult)

 5. Faces of Peace  (for ages teen to adult)

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