My Art

  • the way I work
  • my philosophy
  • method of working and creating

 I create art, art-based tools mostly because I want to understand myself, others, my world, my life and my death.

Doing art helps me process my personal issues and discover aspects of myself and the world that would be difficult to delve into or express any other way.  A lot of my art is very personal. I keep journals and create drawings and writings that are never meant to be shown to anyone. But I also create art and art tools and methodologies that are meant for others to experience self exploration, self discovery and self actualization.

                        I AM NOT ALONE. Neither are you.

 It has been one of the great discoveries of my life to realize that I am not alone, and neither are you. The joys, anxiety, angst, fear, love, anger, questions, and traumas of my life that seemed so personal and unique, have been experienced by many people in many places in many different forms. So when I use art to explore and express my own feelings and experiences, it’s only a short jump to create a tool or a program that others can relate to and learn from. Art is such a fantastic medium for that exploration and communication.

I always drew and created stories concerning what I observed and day-dreamed about. My art, play and imagination always seemed to soothe and frame the happenings of my life.


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