Art Programs that Nurture
Professionals, Groups, & Children  

An Invitation from Valerie Walawender

Art helps us move through challenges and craft healing solutions for ourselves, our teams, and our communities.

Through art, I bring out the creative village in groups. ArtVillage’s signature art-based programs and retreats awaken a deepened self-awareness, a spirit of gentle collaboration, and a renewed sense of purpose.

With an emphasis on the power of gentle, you and the people you work with will discover a fascinating new way to connect to what matters most.

I invite you to participate in the ArtVillage we’re each making, one intention and one creative gesture at a time.


Art Programs that Nurture
Professionals, Groups, & Children    

To see what I am working on now,
see My Blog.

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  1. Dr. Barbara Miller says:

    Fantastic, dynamic, I love this site!

  2. Mae says:

    ~…with the arrival of beloved OctobeRrRrRr 2015 is the arrival of a friendship with this amazing women, Valerie Walawender…!…Valerie happened into our antique/book shoppe in downtown Buffalo, New York while waiting for her sandwich at the delicious restaurant THE MELT on Allen Street. Instantly there was an indescribable vibration of warmth and “br!ghtness” with echoes of charm and laughter.
    Arrangements were made to find Valerie and members of her family at their quiet country home…where we were able to purchase some antique books from the estate of their beloved father and to also learn more about this truly inspirational spirit!
    ~…many many echoes of “Thanks!”, Valerie…~

    • admin says:

      Dear Mae – how wonderful to meet YOU and hear from you! From just knowing you such a short time, I can see that you bring out warmth, smiles and laughter in whoever crosses your path. I feel that I was “one of the lucky ones to cross the thresh-hold” of your fascinating and delightful business (Antique Man) on Allan Street in Buffalo – and to have met you and your generous husband John, and interesting friend Peter. Thank you for your very kind and wonderful words – and especially for your gentle and genteel nature. I felt your “good vibrations” too – and also sensed immediately that we were kindred spirits. Many blessings today and every day! Valerie

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