Art-based Self-Exploration Programs

For individuals, adults, teens, workplace, agencies, individuals, & groups                   

Topics covered: Self exploration; Workplace communication; Conflict Resolution

 1. Self Portrait - Objectives: To provide the participants an opportunity to examine the development of “self” and social identity. To empower individuals in self definition and direction.

 Activities: With mirrors, photographs of participants from different ages, and acetate overlays, participants engage in an exercise in which they explore the ways they have defined themselves and have experienced social definitions of self.

 *Self Portrait Drawn is a separate but similar workshop in which participants draw themselves, and explore the ways they and others have defined them

  2. Street Wise - Objectives: To help participants separate their personal and workplace identities and roles.

    • To help participants identify and analyze the specific communication “road blocks” present in their workplace relationships.
    • To provide strategies for enhanced communication and stronger work place relationships.

 Activities: Participants engage in activities which help them separate their personal actions and reactions through metaphorical props. Participants work on a specific work place communication challenge and may later apply the principles learned in other work place situations.

  3. Resolution - Objectives: An interactive workshop game with the objective of teaching conflict resolution skills through role playing and fun, gentle exercises. The “Resolution” game helps individuals develop skills to “cool down” conflicts, communicate effectively, and think creatively so the result of the conflict will be useful, gentle and positive rather than negative and destructive. Participants learn:

    •  How to identify needs, wants and values
    • About the nature of conflict
    • Types of conflict
    • Reasons conflict escalate
    • How to cool down or “de-escalate” a conflict

  Activities: In groups of four, participants gather around a “Resolution” game board and role play various conflicts as indicated on “conflict cards.” Through creative, gentle and constructive role play, participants go along the “peace path”, trying to avoid the “traps” (verbal or physical violence, blaming, rejection, etc.), to achieve “resolution.” Participants move “conflict arrows” that point their “needs, wants, and values” towards resolution or the typical negative and destructive conflict traps.

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